Did you know there was a settlement in Arizona called Adair? The tiny town of Adair near Show Low has long since been covered by Fool Hollow Lake. It was Thomas Jefferson Adair who was responsible for the name Fool Hollow. In 1885, Adair moved into the area with the intention of farming. The locals joked that only a fool would try and farm the place. The name stuck.

Founders of Adair

Adair Cemetery Entrance

Those buried in Adair

Edmund Lovell Ellsworth, Adair Cemetery

Ghost of Adair, Page 1

Ghost of Adair, Page 2
Fool Hollow Lake
Adair Amphitheatre at Fool Hollow
Gun Casings found at Adair
Show Low Museum
Whipple Ranch at Adair

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Adair, Arizona (Fool Hollow Quiz)


People who are believed to have lived at the Adair Settlement that are not buried at Adair Cemetery

Thomas Jefferson Adair Jr. and Mary Vance and Family (Founders of Adair)

Aaron Porter Adair and Fanny Peach Crosby Adair

Aaron Porter Adair Jr.

Ellen Adair

Thomas Vancil Adair

Jesse Jackson Brady and Mahettabelle Oliver Brady (First Postmasters)

Etta Jane Colvin

Henry Colvin

Sarah Ann Colvin

Hans Hansen Jr. and Loretta Ellsworth

Mary Hansen

Anna Catherine Jacques

Sarah Jane Jacques

Heber Jarvis

Maude Jarvis

Jesse Rulon Jarvis

George Jarvis

Janet Jarvis

Joseph Smith Jarvis

Pearl Jarvis

William Prior Jarvis

Henry Mills and Ann Allen Mills

Daniel Mills and Sarah Alice McNeil

Frank Ludwig Nickolaus and Mary Elizabeth Laxton

William Temple Oliver and Nancy Francis Lavern Oliver

Theodore Turley

Willard Whipple Sr. and Emma Melissa Oliver

Edson Whipple and Rowena Celestia Whipple

Lavina Goss Whipple

Levi Lisk Whipple

John Lowell Whipple

Rowena Whipple

Lester Whipple

Below are those buried at Adair Cemetery:

David Henry Adams 1885-1889

Fanny Dicy Adams 1887-1899

Ida Adams 1883-1883

Maggie Myrtle Adams 1883-1889

Martha Louise Devey Adams 1859-1993

Marie Aliza

Karen Ritz Berg 1814-1887

Ann Lucille Jaeger Buck 1937-1993

Charles Spencer Burk 1882-1957

Jessie Roselle Burk 1896-1951

Joel Fredrick Burk 1891-1910

Mary Magdeline Mcfate Burk 1860-1918

Milton Alfauren Burk 1852-1920

Carter (an old man) died about 1886

Collins (girl) died about 1886

Etta Jane Colvin 1872-1884

Abner Ellsworth 1857-1936

Alvin Ellsworth 1898-1906

Betsy Ann Merrill Ellsworth 1866-1951

Cecil Lovell Ellsworth 1901-1911

Edmond Lovell Ellsworth 1819-1893

Mary Ann (Polly) Jones Ellsworth 1836-1925

Merrell Ellsworth 1910-1939

Parley Ellsworth 1902-1905

Willford Ellsworth 1892-1918

Zina Ellsworth 1908-1919

Mary Flake 1906-1906

George Clarence Freestone 1885-1886

Louis Frederick (Freddie) Freestone 1885-1886

Dixie Stock Gillespie 1945-2019

Carrie Ellsworth Hall 1890-1971

Maynard Hall 1887-1913

Harvey Fuller Hansen 1893-1894

Julie Sabin Hansen 1888-1888

Olive Adelaide Lexton Hansen 1875-1904

William Hansen 1901-1904

Sanford Warren Jacques and Anna Christine Hansen

Anna Catherine Jacques

Sarah Jane Jacques

Annie Lucinda Jaeger 1906-1995

Jerome Anthony Jaeger 1904-1979

Tony Jaeger 1939-2013

Matt Dee Jaynes 1973-2020

Harold Dean Jones 1954-2021

Adelaide Atkin Laxton 1833-1915

Israel Pickern Laxton 1868-1936

Margaret Melba Laxton 1917-1918

William Laxton 1816-1890

Carol Jane Lewis 1943-1943

Elbert J. Lewis 1932-1992

Geraldine Ozment Lewis 1932-1981

Jessica Nicole Lewis 1995-1995

Marion (child)

James Hibbert McNeil 1885-1886

Olive Lizzie McNeil 1876-1881

William Smith McNeil 1892-1892

Alonzo Clark Merrill 1831-1906

Charles Merrill 1891-1893

Eliza Jane Bird Merrill 1841-1916

William Alonzo Merrill 1887-1954

Hilda Gertrude Sinderman Merz 1920-2008

Ben Mills 1899-1899

Charles Henry Mills 1885-1885

Retta Hareup Morgan

James Muse Unknown-1886

Paul Leroy Neuman 1936-1987

Frank Ludwig Nikolaus Jr. 1893-1910

Frank Ludwig Nikolaus Sr. 1856-1927

Mary Elizabeth Laxton Nikolaus 1870-1916

Christena Luella Oliver 1872-1883

Eliza Jane Oliver 1883-1883

Harrison Oliver 1884-1887

Lucinda Adeline Oliver 1884-1884

William Temple Oliver 1833-1909

May Owens

Judith D. Carlson Patarozzi 1944-2020

Lee Ephraim Penrod 1887-1928

Vilate Whipple Penrod 1868-1891

Lucinda Kay Hamblin Power 1949-2005

Tanner Lee Power 1981-1990

Aldean Savage 1894-1906

Alonzo William Savage 1884-1922

Charles Thomas Savage 1864-1932

Elenour Caroline Hall Savage 1873-1912

James Wayne Savage 1939-1993

Lettie Savage 1886-1886

Mary Eliza (Mamie) Savage 1879-1890

Rillie Savage 1859-1900

James Wayne Schubel 1939-1993

Mattie Jo Sayers Sears 1927-2005

Will Spoonseller

Edward Stock 1822-1906

Edward John Stock 1854-1854

Frank Joseph Stock 1939-2009

Mary Kirby Stock 1850-1931

Peter Lars Stock 1968-2020

Sarah Lumbers Stock 1829-1855

Effie Echo Tenney Whipple 1887-1914

Edson Whipple 1855-1933

Hyrum Hanford Whipple 1871-1949

John Lowell Whipple 1894-1920

Joseph Whipple 1885-1885

Laura Whipple 1855-1897

Lavina Goss Whipple 1886-1888

Lester Whipple 1911-1911

Levi Lisk Whipple 1892-1908

Oliver Whipple 1898-1898

Rowena Whipple 1899-1900

Rowena Celesta McFate Whipple 1867-1942

William Mickle Whipple 1890-1918

Chloe Wood 1878-1886

Mahala Wood 1880-1886

Peter Nathaniel Wood 1885-1886

Rebecca Willard Turner Workman 1834-1885

John R. “Jack” Young 1882-1933

Laura Young 1895-1895

Mary Emily Young 1898-1898

Mary Louise Nikolaus Young 1896-1977

Rosey May Young 1916-1917

Thelda Louise Young 1919-1933

Wiliam Alma Young 1892-1894

William Alma Young Jr. 1849-1914