I had the privilege of playing on the Snow College Baseball Team in 1976.

Standing from left to right- Coach DeVon Blad, Jeff Gallagher, Greg Peterson, Andy Rodriguez, Casey Cuskelly, Mark Sandberg, Jeff Didricksen, Coach Larry Blain

Middle row from left to right- Jed Murray, Roger Kesterson, Rod Terry, Mike Henderson, Fred Dickerson, Guy Morrison, Paul Rasmussen, and John Clements

Front row from left to right- Jonny Boria, Delbert Adair, Jerry Gehrke, Joe Morris, Robert Vandegrift, Lynn Hansen, and Monte Morgan


Snow vs University of Southern California                   Snow vs University of Nevada Las Vegas

March 16, 1976                                                                 March 17, 1976

                                                                                              Batting Statistics 1976